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Inukshuk mistake

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Small point:

The phrase "Canadians build Inukshuk." should actuall read "Canadians build inuksuit." (pronounced "in-ook-sweet")

I'm from Vancouver (where there are decidedly few inukswuit, nor cariboo to go with them) - the only reason I know the plural of inukshuk is because the company I work for inanely decided to make it their corporate symbol and sent around a memo on ithe word's proper usage.

Inukshuk mistake

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crap - I just noticed I spelled it two different ways in the message.

Authoritative version: inuksuit

Inukshuk mistake

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You're right, of course.smiley - blush The first sentence of the Inukshuk entry makes it clear. I'll send a note off to editorial feedback right away. The likely won't get to it until monday, however.

Thanks very much, Captain. Hope we'll run into you again around here.smiley - smiley

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