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New York Factoid

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Mr. Cogito

The New York Taxi Licensing Commission reported recently that there are 11,287 licensed yellow cabs in the city. Just another bit of mindless trivia to impress people at parties...

New York Factoid

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NYC Student - The innocent looking one =P

True, but you'll be hard pressed to find one above 110th Street, or in any of the outer boroughs except for select spots in Brooklyn.

One more bit of mindless trivia would be that the taxi medallion costs $250,000, which is amazing considering the driver would be doing good to make $60 a day. Also, the Livery cabs which work in non-yellow cab areas have the most dangerous job in the city, and are only topped in the country by commercial fishing and mining.

New York Factoid

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Mr. Cogito


Technically, the Livery Cabs are not supposed to be able to pick up fares on the street. Still, they swarm Wall Street area (another poor place to find a cab due to being on the tip of the Island) and harass anybody who looks like they're vaguely interested in a cab. Still, it is true they will go places most cabs won't and thus put their lives more at risk.


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