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A day in the life..

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I've always been a massive believer of the Paul is Dead rumours after I learnt about it a long while back, and have since spent many nights pondering over it. When my obsession reached its peak though, I was driven to buy the Magical Mystery Tour CD version just for the 'clues'; I hadn't prior because the cover had always seemed a bit spooky to me. And the parent's old vinyls had been given away, anyhow. It was at that exact moment when I paid at the cashier that I realised Paul is very much alive..

Conned by the band I love so dearly!

Of course I'd read about it all being a huge marketing hoax but I suppose my obstinacy required walking proof. And anyway, doesn't John sing "I had to *laugh*, I saw the photograph" in A Day In The Life, the very song believers regard as the story of Paul's death??

A day in the life..

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I forgot to add something..

Let's say Paul really died. Didn't the Beatles travel to India or something shortly after that to 'summon Paul's spirit into his lookalike'? I think I've read that somewhere around.. can't remember now. Maybe it worked, and that's why the Beatles can deny everything so certainly. Maybe it also explains Shear's/Campbell's/whoever's amazing songwriting ability, too.
Maybe I'm Amazed..

A day in the life..

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Oops! I meant Sgt Pepper, not the Magical Mystery Tour! ><
I ought to kill myself.

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