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The 'Paul is Dead' scam, has been proved that Paul is alive.(Obviously)I am a huge Beatles fan. My mother played the albums for me in the womb. I didn't see the info on the post about how the rumor started. A Detroit college radio station made an announcement concerning the accident. Things took off from there. Also in the post it stated that Doctor Roberts is who pronounced Paul dead. That info is wrong. Doctor Roberts prescribed "uppers" to the Beatles.He was their drug dealer who wasn't really a doctor. The Beatles made all of their albums and wrote all of the music long before this scam appeared. It is however scary and spooky that this happens be true to the lyrics and album covers. Again, look at Pink Floyd and the Wizard of Oz. The Dark side of the moon album lines up with scenes in the movies in an eerie precision. Not planned at all. Media is a scary thing!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES!

Reading into their music

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erm, maybe I'm naive but as the internet is universal, why do you Yanks keep feeling the need to say rubbish like that? I don't keep typing GOD BLESS AUSTRALIA. Anyway, just thought I'd ask.


GOD BLESS AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Reading into their music

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Perhaps it's short for "God Bless America 'Cos No-one Else Will?" smiley - winkeye
I shouldn't tease, though. Thanks for raising those points - its true that not a lot has so far been said on exactly why the rumours started, so it is good to learn more!


Reading into their music

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(crazyhorse)impeach hypatia

john lennon once said it was all just a publicity stunt

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