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Do you want to link to my article on Plasma?

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seen as you cover Plasma powered rockets in your article, I thought you might want to link to an article on Plasma... up to you!

Article number 'A748325'.


Do you want to link to my article on Plasma?

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Hi Metz,

You have just identified a well recognised problem with H2G2 edited guide entries. Unfortunately, when an entry passes Peer Review, it is put in the control of the Sub-editors, and is no longer under your control. So the answer, unfortunately, is no smiley - sadface : I can't physically do it: and I have to say, what a pity that is, because it would be a welcome modification to the article in my opinion. There is a way of getting guide articles edited, but it is a long process unfortunately. However, as the change is relatively small, you might also ask the editor for the article if a change to my entry is possible, but I would wait until you get the entry into the Edited Guide, as most links in the Edited Guide normally refer to other Edited Guide entries.

I like your plasma article very much. Let me pop over to Peer Review and make a few comments. Well done. smiley - cheers

smiley - peacedoveWoodpigeon

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Do you want to link to my article on Plasma?

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