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UK Guiding - BGIFC (British Guides in Foreign Countries)

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BGIFC was formed in 1911 and is open to British Citizens living and working overseas.

Usually, girls in this situation would be encouraged to join a local branch of a national organisation, but sometimes this is impossible or inappropriate, which is where BGIFC comes in.

Each section of the Guide Association has a sector within BGIFC. They follow the same eight-point programmes as their UK counterparts and make the same Promises.

They also wear the same uniforms as in the UK, plus additional badges, a Galleon (the BGIFC emblem) and a Union Jack, that members wear (except Rainbows) on their uniform or badge sash. If necessary, the uniform can be adapted to suit the climate or dress code in a particular country.

Where there are enough girls locally, a unit will be formed and meetings and activities held in exactly the same way they would be in the UK. When this is not possible, girls can still join as 'Lones'. Instead of meetings, they do their Guiding by post, telephone, fax, tapes and email, meeting wherever and whenever possible.

You can find out more at the BGIFC website.

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