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A very good entry - informative and easy to read, but I have one small objection. In the 'So where do I get my test?' section there is the sentence:

'Although you will have to get a statement from your LEA before your school is forced to do anything.'

As Special Needs Co-ordinator in a primary school I can state that it is often us (as in the school) that has to badger the LEA into doing anything. Concerns about children and their needs (which includes dyslexia) are often first raised by school teachers. Sadly, we don't have the resources to fully cater for those needs and need additional support from the LEA and the local Educational Psychologist. The process of getting this required support, if indeed we actually get any, can be very drawn out and we have to be very insistent before the cogs start grinding and a child is given a statement of special needs.

A small point, maybe, but I feel that schools are unfairly represented by that very broad statement.

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Good stuff, but...

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erm yes ok thats a fair point i guess, but I (actualy my parents) had to threaten the LEA with legal action before they would do anything, while at the same time my school refused to act unless I had a statment from the LEA, despite the fact it was the school who advised my parents to go to the Dyslexia Association.

So this is my experience of the system, although i would be happy to change that section to reflect the fact that its maybe not the same up and down the country.

Although having said that i'm not sure how I go about changing an edited entry. I will get in touch with Asteroid Lil (the editer). Although if you have any ideas on what that section should say please post here.... or on my personal space

Good stuff, but...

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Schools often have problems dealing with dyslexics, I know that I was defined word-blind instead of dyslexic at school because it works out as being far cheaper for the LEA. What I have found though is that I had much more help when going to college and university. Much though still depends on how lucky you are with your LEA

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