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So, Who's hoping to go this year?

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Ticket registration has begun, hopefully this will beat the touts and people trying to make money from flogging tickets on ebay. But does it make the festival too exclusive?

I for one don't care about people being excluded as long as I get to go!smiley - tongueout I haven't missed one since '97 so don't really want to miss out this year!

So, Who's hoping to go this year?

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I've been to many Glastonbury Festivals, hence can't remember when it all started, but I'm feeling blue that I may have to pay to go again, as I've never had to do that....not because I've jumped a fence or anything, just because I've been involved with performers, and been given free tickets and vehicle passes. So you could say I've been really lucky in the past. Well I'm hoping I may get in with HeartnSoul again, or maybe someone might like Freizinger to play again....maybe this was all a dream. Oh well, enjoy! I'm unemployed, so no money here. Got lots of piccies of mud baths etc.
Remember the days of the brew crews moving in after it was all over.
Remember the kids jumping on the car bonnets as they drove through.
Remember some amazing small tent acts, and going from the Scottish to the Irish tents, with a bar in between.
At least one drum set fell off the stage.
Actually wrote about this in my creative writing course, but it wasn't understood! Bring back Russell!
As a musician I understand that these things must be paid for. No such thing as a free meal anymore, and I'm hungry.
Enough said. Suki Pi

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So, Who's hoping to go this year?

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