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2002 security

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Zarniroop (er.... I'll think of something amusing to put here soon!)

The most important message now for people to appreciate is that fence jumping will just not be possible at this year's festival. Security will be heavily upgraded and the fence will be over 3.5m high with anti tunnelling measures and an overhang to prevent climbing. More importantly it has to be recognised that coming without tickets will jeopardise the future of the festival. Every person who attempts to gain entry to the festival without a ticket will be nailing another nail in its coffin. It is not unreasonable for the local people of Glastonbury to expect the event to go off without anti social behaviour caused by people marauding in the area trying to gain illegal access or camping in the area illegally. Those who try will be met with a massively increased security response and all attempts and measures will be taken to deter people from remaining in the area. Obviously specific details will not be discussed in the public domain, but those who try will be disappointed.

The whole future rests on there being no repeat of 2000 which led to the prosecution of Michael Eavis for breaches of the licence and safe number of people allowed on site. Michael Eavis is risking jail if prosecuted again, but by making this application but he has shown confidence that people will pick up the message that the days of fence jumping are over. However if 2002 passes without major incident the future of the festival is guaranteed for many years to come.

finally = remember Roskilde!

2002 security

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Zarniroop (er.... I'll think of something amusing to put here soon!)

What an amazing festie!
Had a great time there was plenty of camping space, crime inside the festie was minimal and those nasty people were getting caught! Crime outside apparently was quite scary tho, with advice not to go to the car parks on your own at night! Lot's of the muggers were hanging around having failed to get in tho they were getting plenty of harrasment from the security and police!
The Mean part of Mean Fiddler was very much in evidence behind the scenes and I hope that Michael and Daughter(who's name temporarily eludes me) can take over running the fest without the "help of Mean Fiddler in the future!

Z. (Still Grinning!)

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