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Crab Nebulae-Lead Kindly Light over dark matter

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Vidyardhi Nanduri

SUB;Crab Nebulae-Lead Kindly Light over dark matter

The Crab Nebula has shocked astronomers by emitting an unprecedented blast of gamma rays, the highest-energy light in the Universe.
The cause of the 12 April gamma-ray flare, described at the Third Fermi Symposium in Rome, is a total mystery.
It seems to have come from a small area of the famous nebula, which is the wreckage from an exploded star.
The object has long been considered a steady source of light, but the Fermi telescope hints at greater activity.
The gamma-ray emission lasted for some six days, hitting levels 30 times higher than normal and varying at times from hour to hour.
While the sky abounds with light across all parts of the spectrum, Nasa's Fermi space observatory is designed to measure only the most energetic light: gamma rays.

Comments: The data helps to orient Space-image interpretations towards nature and Philosophy. Cosmology Vedas Interlinks help
science to catch-up with dimensional knowledge

Crab Nebulae-Lead Kindly Light over dark matter

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

Hello Vidyardhi Nanduri and thank you for your comments.

I have already written about M1, the Crab Nebula, in a separate entry reference A44762097. I will add your up-to-date information todaysmiley - ok

Thanks again for bringing this to my attentionsmiley - biggrin

Galaxy Babe
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Crab Nebulae-Lead Kindly Light over dark matter

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