A Conversation for Units of Measurement

and some more you forgot..

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Handful - used for sizing breasts
Pitta bread - used for sizing kebabs
Trouser - used for measuring "mens bits"
Minging - used to measure uglyness
Anne Robinson - used to measure rudeness

and some more you forgot..

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Mr. Cogito

Don't forget the
Millihelen - amount of beauty required to launch a single ship.

and some more you forgot..

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British newspaper the Guardian has had recent correspondence on its letters page detailing measures of area. To whit, news stories had described things in terms of known areas. So the system devised gives things in terms of Isle of Wights, Waleses, Belgiums (if absolutely necessary) and Antarcticas. There was complaint when an asteroid was described as the size of Los Angeles.

and some more you forgot..

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Mr. Cogito

That's because LA is a really poor measurement. It's never really clear where the city ends and suburbs begin, so you're never really sure how large it is. Only that it will take most of a day to drive across it... smiley - smiley

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