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Energy consumption

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Energy is a valuable commodity these days, especially for those in CA, and lately, I've been wondering what there is to be done about it. Smart consumers, in areas such as the west coast, prepared for "rolling blackouts", by having backup batteries, and generators. However, I'm sure the number of people who were prepared is far outnumbered by those that weren't. This leaves me wondering. Fossil fuels, as we know them, will not last forever, and I guess the point that I'm trying to get across is that humans need to be a little smarter about their energy consumption. Assuming that we lose energy in every thing we do, a few more creative energy ideas are needed, especially in areas really affected by the power loss. Yes, I know that solar energy is not very cost efficient, but how much aggrevation could it save? Or backup generators? I am not an expert on energy, nor do I claim to be. I would love to learn more about energy production, and if you can help, please, by all means... I just think that there are things to be done. And not by the power companies, it's up to the people of this world to take action for their lives. Not a whole lot in life is handed out, we need tofind it for ourselves.

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Energy consumption

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