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The Botanical Garden at Hohenheim Castle, Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

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The Botanical Garden at the area of Schloss Hohenheim (Hohenheim Castle), Stuttgart, Germany, consists of several parts.

The so-called Exotic Garden isn't actually very exotic at all; just a lot of ordinary shrubs and trees in a park landscape. At the end of the area to the left side, the Systematic Garden can be found. This is the most interesting part of the whole area - a rather small space containing a large collection of annuals and herbaceous plants and shrubs, complemented by numerous potted shrubs. The plants are arranged according to systematic order (eg solanaceae, asteraceae...)

Above this section, on the border to the next section, you can visit the greenhouses. These are more of the 'working kind', as opposed to being greenhouses that exist merely for show, and contain an interesting assortment of plants. The next part - to the far left - is dedicated to Historical Aspects of Gardening, such as gardening in the Middle Ages. In-between, themed isles can be found, such as one that is exclusively dedicated to pharmaceutical plants.

Above this thinly planted and widely spread area, heading towards the castle, there is a park area containing different trees and relatively insignificant shrub collections.

In conclusion, the Botanical garden is quite pleasant and is especially recommended to those who are specifically interested in botanical matters.

Pricing and Opening Times

Entrance is free and the garden is open anytime. The greenhouses are only open on working days and are closed at mealtimes. If you want to see everything you should plan to spend at least half a day there.


From the Hauptbahnhof (Central Station) take U5 (to Leinfelden) or U6 (to Möhringen Bahnhof) and get out at Möhringen Bahnhof. Change to U3 (to Plieningen) and go to the terminus (Plieningen). Walk in the exact direction that the trains head for. After about 100m, after a crossroad, you enter the Garbenstrasse. On the left side you can find a great map of the whole garden area. On the corner to the right side of the street you can enter the Exotic Garden, where the same map is frequently found dotted around.

If you choose to follow the street instead, after 100 - 200m, a small street goes off to the right with a small sign indicating 'Gewächshäuser'. That's the easiest way to get to the greenhouses and to the Systematic Section.

If you proceed even further along this street you will be led directly to the Schloss Hohenheim and the park area.

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