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Cavendish Beach, Prince Edward Island, Canada

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The beach at Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, Canada is a perfect symbol of the best of what the island province has to offer. It is beautiful. It's peaceful. It's clean. It's safe. It's soothing in ways you can't imagine; in ways you couldn't have imagined you needed soothing.

Cavendish beach is miles of gently rolling red sand, which tapers to a temperate blue sea. There is nothing wild about Prince Edward Island or its famous beach. No one has ever been eaten while playing in the surf; and there is still enough of the mighty Saint Laurence River in the seawater that your skin isn't turned to parchment by the brine. It is a serenely beautiful place. The sunsets are not to be believed, and are never to be forgotten.

The sand, the sea, the sunsets, and the famous Green Gables cottage (birthplace of Lucy Maud Mongomery and inspiration for Anne of Green Gables) are why Cavendish beach is an essential part of the Japanese Grand Tour, and why Cavendish beach ranks among the world's best.

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