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The Guinea Pig, Dalkey, Co Dublin, Ireland

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Somewhat surprisingly, the Guinea Pig is a fish restaurant about 40 yards downhill from Dalkey DART1 station. Despite the exclusive locality2, the food is reasonably priced, with an 'early bird' menu before 8pm.

Our Researcher enjoyed the chowder to start with, and braised lamb shank for the main course; the latter cooked to the point where it nearly fell off the bone unassisted. The strawberries and home-made ice cream for pudding wrapped it all up. His partner had deep fried mushrooms followed by crab and a fruits of the forest compôte to finish. The total bill, including a bottle of Argentinean white, was IR£60.

The restaurant is open seven nights a week, from 6pm.

1Dublin Area Rapid Transport .2Dalkey is the wealthy area of Co Dublin boasting rich and famous inhabitants such as Eddie Irvine (Formula One racing driver) and, occasionally the singers Bono and Enya to name (drop) just a few.

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