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The Merrion Inn, Ballsbridge, Dublin, Ireland

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The Merrion Inn is a modern art-infested drinking emporium situated at the posher end of Ireland's capital city, Dublin1. This establishment serves an above-average pint of Guinness and serves some spectacularly good and reasonably-priced food. For example, a home-made burger in a whiskey and mushroom sauce is priced at IR£4.95, and a fillet steak can be had for IR£9.952. It also serves a carvery lunch from 12 noon until 2pm on Sundays.

High Society

By Dublin standards, the inn has quite an up-market and 'high society' feel about it, and the close proximity of the RTE3 studios means that you're never more than ten feet away from a B-list celebrity4.

The Merrion Inn stays open until 1.30am from Thursday to Sunday, though like most pubs in Dublin, it closes early on New Year's Eve. Off-street parking is kindly and thoughtfully provided by the church next door. An excellent feature of the pub is the large TV screen situated upstairs, ideal for watching televised rugby and football games.

1In D4 to be exact, south of the River Liffey. People living there do not necessarily think it is posh, though.2Correct at time of writing - September 2000.3Radio Telefis Eireann is Ireland's broadcasting corporation.4Mostly good-looking weather girls.

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