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Surreal Fairy Tale

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Once upon a time there was a poor/rich man. He was handsome/ugly and short/tall. He lived alone in a group in a small/large castle/hovel. One day/week he decided to go to the local fair/hanging. He met a beggar/prince who granted him three wishes/curses.

For his first, he asked for a pot full of money/luck. The beggar/prince waved his hand/fist and lo! - a cauldron/barrel appeared crammed full/empty with golden coins/heather. The poor/rich man was astounded/bored. He put his hand/arm into the cauldron/barrel but found he could not take out any of the coins/heather. The beggar/prince explained; "you asked for a pot full and you've got it - but if you empty it it won't be full". The poor/rich man turned on the beggar/prince and killed/applauded him. I'm fed up of this now.

The End.


Surreal Fairy Tale

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Synthetic Jesso (I'm not real)

That's my favorite story EVER.

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