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Transforming Rocks?

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Ok, so I had loads of GoBots (not strictly transformers, but still robots in diguise), transformers and these robots which turned into rocks. I swapped my GoBots with my mates rocks, mum gave my Star Wars figures to my cousins who promptly sold the lot for 18 quid - pissed off? I had LOADS of them, I can't describe how pissed off I am to this day smiley - sadfacesmiley - sadfacesmiley - sadfacesmiley - sadface!!!! aghgagaggghhgghgggh, my AT-AT, rebel transporter, X-wings aghgghaghgahghghahghaghaghgahgaghggghh 18 QUID? What are you on F(*&%£^&(*&ampsmiley - winkeye)***)!*@[email protected]:~:!*"@£)("£*£_)£*(....

Anyway, I now have a collection of around 20 various robot/rocks, all made by Bandai and dated 1985. I don't remember them being advertised, don't remember any tv programs and haven't spoken to anyone who knows what I'm talking about. I've searched the web and can only find a mention Swoop, a 'dinobot'which I also have in the collection which is bigger and dated 1986.

Does anyone know anything about my rocks?!?!


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Transforming Rocks?

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you my friend are talking about the Rocklords. Transforming to survive was their theme song I think. And as far as I can remember, they had a T.V. show here in north America , and I even remember as a kid going to a gobot movie (revenge of the gobots??) anyways, in this movie they actually met the rocklords and I remember (don't ask how) them mentioning that they were once human just like the gobots. Pretty weird huh. Anyways, that's all I remember.

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