A Conversation for Mushrooms that Kill Humans


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Gandalf ( Got my own Comp Now!! Still Redundant!! )

Very good article on mushrooms that you can't eat.......

What about those you can eat????



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Zarquon the Ninth

Not only are there loads of edible mushrooms out there, but this is probably the best time of the year to find them - especially in the forests.

This is the time to find the KING OF MUSHROOMS - BOLETUS EDULIS - one of the most prized - also known as "CEP" (French) or "PORCINI" (Italian).

If you want to start picking mushrooms you will need two things - a good "field guide" full of photos and preferably someone experienced to go with initially, to introduce you - sometimes even the photos can be deceptive.


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Hunter, who is rarely on H2G2 anymore.

"So we found this big white mushroom which we called 'the orb', and we decided to take it home and worship it for a couple of days."

- unknown


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Captain Slogg

Sounds like the Giant Puff-ball (Langermannia Gigantea) The large spherical fruit body grows to about 80cm. across . Although I understand the philosophical dilemma created when one discovers that ones God is good to eat,the Giant Puff-ball is edible when still white and firm,


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But if you drink alcohol around the time you eat a puff ball you would rather be dead!


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Urgh, I remember when I was little we went mushroom picking and found some giant puffballs and my mum cooked them. They were utterly horrid and soaked up oil like a sponge. Shame realy, it was quite exciting to find them.

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