A Conversation for Shakespeare's Globe, Bankside, London

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I used to work in an office on the south bank just up from the new Globe site (right by Southwark Bridge).

It was an odd operation, night work, lots of people doing things they shouldn't, and the pubs by Borough market opened for us at 6am (well, strictly for the market traders, but we didn't mind taking advantage).

Used to be a half-dodgy part of town (the next door disused warehouse was used for raves, keep your wits in the local streets). Went back down there about six months ago.

The whole south bank from Tower Bridge ro Westminster was solid with tourists, all new super-acceptable residential and theme-history.

My old seedy office had been torn down.

The site was now a bloody Starbucks.

My head was royally done in.

Thing is, should I mourn the fact that a part of the world I used to know has now been made safe for the world's culture vultures?

You'd no longer feel worried there, but neither would you in EuroDisney.

I might just be suffering from rose-tinted specs, but it felt like the area had sold itself. Ah well, probably didn't get much.

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Alittle social commentary...

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