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The Small Patch of Grass Behind Republic Plaza, Denver, Colorado, USA

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There is a small L-shaped patch of grass behind Republic Plaza in Denver, Colorado, USA. It's an ugly L because the base is too thick and the back is too high, but it's grass and it's perhaps as large as 20m2.

Natural, green grass is uncommon in Colorado, as the climate is too warm and dry. It's even more unusual in highly developed areas like Denver. To find any, you usually have to travel to the foothills of the Denver Mountains.

However, with the help of sprinklers, man has achieved miracles on the prairie. Patches of grass can be found in the most unexpected of places, like for example, wedged between a 56-storey building and the busy 17th Street in the centre of Denver, as this one is.

This special patch of grass encloses a small picnic area with a few round cement tables. This is a favourite spot to eat lunch for the downtown working force, possibly due to the shade that the 56-storey Republic Plaza offers from the scorching sun. Surrounding the grass L is a larger rock L. Among the rocks small, unidentifiable trees grow. The rocks are approximately orange-sized and represent America's favourite ornament for flowerbeds. These stones also keep the soil from blowing away. If you have a need to lie down, these rocks are not a very comfortable surface to rest your weary bones.

Because this patch of grass exists only with the magic of sprinklers, you can't sit on it as it's covered in mud. You can sit on the rocks with your feet on the grass though and, if you rest your eyes carefully between your feet and filter out the noise from the traffic, you can imagine you are sitting in a beautiful park somewhere else.

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