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Looe, Cornwall, UK

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Located on the south east coast of Cornwall, England, Looe is an extremely quaint fishing village, as well as a small tourist resort.

Looe is situated in a valley, with houses built on different levels up the edges. There is a river running through the middle of it all, dividing east from west, with the village clustering around as it spills into the Atlantic Ocean. Right next to the sea is the town centre, harbour and beach. Beautiful views can be had from high up on the valley.


Looe is, and has been for many years, a small working commercial fishing harbour, lending it an atmospheric constant smell of fish and the seaside ambience that comes with a multitude of seagulls. There is a beach, which is nice enough, although swimming in the sea itself might require some bravery, as it's almost always freezing cold.

As with most British seaside resorts, plenty of shops nearby sell saucy postcards, ice cream and the like. In the town centre there are also shops selling traditional Cornish pasties and fudge. One particular bakery sells a delicious array of sweet pastries. There is also a large joke shop selling the usual plastic dog poo1 and spreadable body chocolate.

There are several restaurants, including the Golden Guinea on Fore Street, a lovely restaurant serving a beautiful chicken korma.

Looe has plenty of hotels and B&Bs (Bed and Breakfast), and overall the village is highly recommended for a couple of days' stay, or for use as a base as you spend some time exploring the myriad wonders of Cornwall.

1For those of you that don't know, 'poo' is... er... excrement.

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