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Proof by inconsistant reference

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Froody Dude

Here is an amusing (if completely invalid) proof that several of my school buddies and myself managed to come up with:

I would consider this a roof by inconsistant reference, because it hinges on using the actual names and abbreviations of certain terms on an inconsistant basis. If you are confused, just read on.

1. f = m*a

2. work = f*d

3. work = mad Q.E.D.

4. power = w/time

5. knowledge = power

6. work = mad Previously stated

7. knowledge = mad / time

Thus, knowledge is being mad over time. Ta-da!

Other "fun" proofs involve applying mathematical properties (especially the reflexive property) to English. (e.g. 1. Kvetching is Yiddish; therefore, Yiddish is kvetching.)

Proof by inconsistant reference

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That's a good one smiley - smiley

I've seen one similar to that, something to do with knowledge=power...

Proof by inconsistant reference

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I think another one goes...

women = time * money

but, time is money, so women = money * money or money^2

money's the root of all evil. money^2 = evil

So, women = evil.

I'm just quoting, though - I like women. They are very nice people who can do math much better than me. Don't lynch me, please?

Proof by inconsistant reference

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Froody Dude

I've seen that one before. Actually, we have a proof that builds on that one.

First, assume that the above "knowledge = mad/t" and "girls = evil" are proven.

1. knowledge = mad/t ; Given

2. knowledge = mas ; Definition of speed

3. knowledge = mds/t^2 ; Definition of acceleration

4. knowledge = mds/money^2 ; previously stated

5. knowledge = mds/evil ; previously stated

6. knowledge(evil) = mds ; Algebra, QED (doctors (MDs) are the knowledge of evil, or the evil of knowledge

7. knowledge(girls) = mds ; substitution, QED (doctors have the knowledge of girls...or girls of knowledge...

thats all

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