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Some Floyd advice.

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Mr. Jesse

I just had a few questions concerning Pink Floyd, possibly the most talented group of musicians to my knowledge. One of my greatest regrets in life is that I'll never see a Pink Floyd concert live (having just become truly hooked on the band a few months ago and being only fourteen). I've heard rumors that they may tour again. Is any of this true, or is it rubbish? Also, which albums would you recommend, a.k.a. which are the best, and are there any concert recordings (DVDs and such) that are worth getting?

I appreciate any help.

Some Floyd advice.

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In my opinion, the best Pink Floyd album is 'Animals'. Often overlooked, it is a magnificent creation. Enjoy.

Some Floyd advice.

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stokie_helen - The Moonlit Knight and Keeper of that Thing Your Aunt Gave You That You Don't Know What It Is

I know what you feel about never seeing them live. I'm 25 and I'll probably never see them either. There are always rumours that they'll tour again, it is probably more of a possibility than ever before as I think Roger Waters and Dave Gilmour/Rick Wright/Nick Mason are at least on speaking terms now. We can live in hope. Personally I'd give a great deal of money to see that concert! I can recommend seeing either of the two incarnations live however if you get chance. I saw Roger at Glastonbury last year (only reason I went to be honest!) and he was absolutely MINDBLOWING. I sobbed my heart out at "Comfortably Numb" (as you do.) As for albums, the best bet for starters is probably "Echoes - The best of Pink Floyd" because this covers everything from the really early Barrett stuff to Division Bell. See what you like on there then go buy the relevant albums. However, I started on Division Bell, then The Wall which is a must-have, but not the easiest album in the world to listen to! smiley - winkeye Sure Roger wouldn't mind me saying that... Of course, if you're anything like me, you'll end up with all of them sooner or later anyway! Animals is excellent too, much underrated, and of course Dark Side, well it's Dark side of The Moon, I mean, I don't need to say any more do I? Momentary Lapse (post-Roger) is good, more stadium-rock but has excellent tracks "One Slip" and "Terminal Frost." V early stuff, ie. Piper, good but odd, not as easy to get into. BTW, without wanting to patronise, I think it's fab (and a big relief) to hear a new generation discovering this fantastic band. I've been listening to them since I was about 12 and haven't got bored yet. Enjoy.

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Some Floyd advice.

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Researcher 226943

Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, "good but odd"? What the hell is this person talking about? OK, the bit at the end of Bike is odd, but the whole album is vintage Syd! Listen to the mono mix, it's even better!

Some Floyd advice.

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stokie_helen - The Moonlit Knight and Keeper of that Thing Your Aunt Gave You That You Don't Know What It Is

Apologies - no offence meant! smiley - winkeye However, I personally find Syd Barrett a bit much on occasion, and the very early Floyd stuff perhaps isn't the easiest of introductions. I love Genesis too, and I love Selling England by the Pound, but I wouldn't have suggested it to someone as a good place to start listening to them. It's all down to personal taste at the end of the day, which is why I feel Echoes is a great taster piece. There's plenty of Syd-era, Roger-era and late stuff there too so you can take your pick, and of course once you start getting into them you can spread your net a little wider. BTW, I do like "Meddle" an awful lot. smiley - biggrin I see from your space that you're a recent entry to the wonderful world of h2g2. Have fun, and remember, we're all entitled to an opinion!
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Some Floyd advice.

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Nathan Hogg

25... remember it well... I'm 38 and I've been listening to... oh never mindsmiley - biggrin

A long long long time ago I saw Deep Purple at Wembley Arena, and it was really weird looking at the audience. 13 year old wannabe headbangers in denim and city executives straight from the office in three piece suits re-living their mis-spent youth.... Good music knows no age limits.
I never saw "the actual" Pink Floyd, but I saw Gilmour & co on the Momentary Lapse of Reason tour. (that would make you about ten - how can I be so OLDsmiley - wah) Quite a show... smiley - cool

Genesis are cool too, by the way smiley - winkeye


Some Floyd advice.

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Mr. Jesse

Sorry, it's taken me a long time to write back to the thread that I started, but in that time I've at least made a few discoveries.
I'd owned Dark Side and the Wall before, but have just recentley been really getting "into" The Wall. Everyone says that it's creepy and depressing, but I love it. The only really strange song I think is track 2 on the second disc (I'm not sure of the name) but the rest is superb.
I also made a copy of my friend's Wish You Were Here album and love it as well. I've listened all the way through several times (mainly while doing homework) and never get tired of it. Shine On You Crazy Diamond is long, but one of those songs that goes by very quickly. I've become a bigger fan than before.
Animals, you say? I've heard many reccomendations for this song (from a forty or so year old teacher for one, so I guess I'm a bit behind the times, or just very far ahead...) and perhaps I'll buy it. I'm always hesitant to buy something without hearing it, but I've heard enough to give it a try.
I've been very interested in the movie The Wall, but have heard that it's very disturbing and that I shouldn't see it. I personally want to see it because I want to hear what images they match up with the exquisite music. What do you think of it? I'll probably give it a try when I'm older.
I wish that I could say that the younger generation is getting back into Pink Floyd, but sadly, I'm afraid that this may not yet be true. I have several friends in class that are in to it, because of their parents, and that's enough for me, it's kind of nice to be into something unique. Pink Floyd certainly carries a kind of legacy with it though. A friend of ours commented, upon hearing that I liked it, "So he's smoking pot?" Oh well, they're still wonderful.
Thank you for writing so far, I hope that you'll reply again. One last thing, Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii coming out on DVD June 6th, true or just a rumor. Thank you again.
Mr. Jesse

Some Floyd advice.

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Hiya! I'm a Floyd fan too - since I was 5. My favourite album is 'Atom Heart Mother', but can recommend 'Animals' and 'Meddle' to really get ou into the groove! Pure bliss. I have all the videos/DVD's, the best in my humble oppinion is Live at Pompeii - some great tracks and footage. Hope you continue to enjoy the music - there's loads out there to discover

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