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Internet Zones

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The zone (shown in bold) is the suffix coming after the main body of the domain name.

  • .ac - An academic site, usually outside the US and often followed by a country code, as in ''.

  • .arts - Organization relating to, well, The Arts.

  • .au - Australia.

  • .ca - Canada.

  • .co - Company, usually outside the US and often followed by a country code, as in ''.

  • .com - The most common zone on the net, it usually refers to a commercial address. It is largely American.

  • .de - German.

  • .edu - An educational institution, usually American.

  • .firm - A business of some sort. Used much less frequently than '.com'.

  • .fr - France.

  • .gov - Some branch of the government, often American.

  • .info - An organization specializing in sharing information.

  • .jp - Japan.

  • .mil - A military site.

  • .net - An administrative host, the zone in which many ISPs are located.

  • .nl - Netherlands.

  • .no - Norway.

  • .nom - Personal address.

  • .org - A non-profit organization.

  • .rec - An organization specializing in leisure, recreation and outdoorsy stuff.

  • .se - Sweden.

  • .store - A company offering goods.

  • .tw - Taiwan.

  • .uk - United Kingdom.

  • .web - An organization specializing in WWW stuff.

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