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Hershey's 5th Avenue Chocolate Bars

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5th Avenue candy bars, produced by Hershey's in America, are much like Nestlé's Butterfingers, but a lot is lost in that comparison. Both are peanut butter coated in chocolate, but since both these elements are different in the two chocolate bars, the resulting products are quite different. The peanut butter in a Butterfinger has a harder, concrete-like consistency, whereas a 5th Avenue can break apart if you handle it roughly. The chocolate is also somewhat different. For some reason, the chocolate in a 5th Avenue is much softer and melts easily.

Buying a 5th Avenue

5th Avenues are a delicacy. Well, sort of. When you buy a 5th Avenue, make sure it is not broken or melted. The fresher it is, the stronger the peanut taste, so make sure it's one of the new ones, those with the reflective wrapper. Before they used to have some kind of white plastic as a wrapper and although the 5th Avenues got dry faster in these, they had the advantage of keeping the bars from melting as quickly, and you could smell them through the wrapper1. Sometimes you'll find these around. Above all else, do not settle for a Butterfinger.

Eating it

This is the fun bit. Don't just open the top and crunch it down unless you have to, because it's likely to spill all over the place or smear inside the wrapper. Instead, sit down and take it all the way out of the wrapper. Break off a piece to eat. Ideally, you want to accompany it with a Dr Pepper - a popular fizzy drink - but a Coke will do. Avoid milk, as it tends to weaken the taste.

1As seen in the movie Stargate.

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