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Forging clay mixture

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Shaitan (Father of all Vampires, 1st Lord of the Wamphyri)

The clay mixture which was painted onto the blade before the final forging step was made up of more than just clay. I am not sure what the Japanese swordsmiths called this mixture, but i have feard it referred to as 'slurry' by Modern researchers of Japanese history. It was mainly consisted of clay and water, with a measure of ash and sand added as well, as well as a variety of other substances, depending on the preferences of the smith. I have also heard, that during this era, criminals who were on the run from the authorities, if capture seemed imminent, would force themselves to swallow several rocks (preferably river rocks, i would imagine!), and then allow themselves to be captured. This way, if a test cut was performed on them, there was a good chance the rocks he had swallowed would inflict permanent damage on the new blade, a twisted way of having the last laugh.
Shaitan, Father of all Vampires,
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