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The Aces Bar and Grill, Sacramento, California, USA

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Located just off the interstate-80 and Greenback junction, The Aces Bar and Grill is built into the side of the Holiday Inn. It has a large, almost life-size control tower outside, with an almost life-size P-51 Mustang bolted to the roof.

On the way in, you will probably notice that there is no reservations desk, or a waiting list, simply a bored-looking man who welcomes you, and shows you to your table. There are plenty of tables scattered around the place, and more stools at the bar. Despite the name, Aces is not really a true grill. It is more like a bar that serves food. That is just fine, because the food is excellent. Their house steak is perfectly done every time, marinated in a secret sauce that the chef refuses to disclose. The shrimp is excellent, beer-battered and fried to perfection, served with a red-hot spicy sauce that forcibly reminds one of New Orleans Cajun cooking.

Not everything is fine and dandy, however. After being seated, this Researcher's party had to wait somewhere in the neighbourhood of 15 to 20 minutes before being served. They passed the time wandering around and looking at the various photos of World War One and Two aces, their planes, the ground crews, and all the other planes and crews from the same era. There was a local blues and jazz band performing for a company get-together or party of some kind. That may in part explain the service. As mentioned earlier, the food more than made up for the wait.

Aces is definitely recommended for anyone who has money to spend and time to kill, as the food was a touch on the pricey side - about US$15.951.

1Prices correct at time of writing.

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