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Uzel, France

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Uzel is in the north-west of France, in the bit sticking out at the end. It's approximately 90km from Roscoff, along the CĂ´tes d'Armor.

It's a little village, with houses and shops and is very quiet, as villages generally are. From May-June the kids from Devonport High School for Boys in Plymouth (England) come to the big building that is owned by the school. That's pretty much why the village is of interest. It's helping British kids get to know French and French culture.

Uzel is within driving distances of various nice places to visit: St Michel's Mount, the stately castle that is cut off at high tide, an aquarium (imaginitively named Le Grand Aquarium), a hypermarket, a museum about the French Resistance and a rather nice lake in a forest.

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