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The White House, Kedington, Cambridgeshire, UK

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This is a gorgeous Bed and Breakfast hotel in a renovated 17th Century house, with loads of oak beams and lots of character. There are only three rooms, but each is kitted out extremely well, with its own private bathroom and views over the beautiful garden.

What's even better is that the guy who runs it (together with his wife) is a food fanatic: he bakes his own bread, makes his own jams from fruit he grows himself, and cooks a delicious porridge for breakfast on the Aga1. As a result the whole house smells wonderfully of great food and scented wood.

You might be able to persuade him to cook an evening meal as well2. This will probably consist of fish or fowl that he's caught himself and will be quite expensive (about £20 per person including wine) but definitely worth it.

1An Aga is a huge, wood-burning stove that has several ovens and several hobs, and it heats the house as well.2Especially if you mention that you read about him in - he's quite a fan.

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