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Part 4

When Jim passed away I fully expected the remains of his family to deal with his funeral. Sadly not the case. I had to contact his solicitor as I was now in a legal limbo. My power of attorney for Jim ceased the moment he died so legally I had no powers to access funds or anything so how was I expected to organise and pay for his funeral for starters? Jim's solicitor advised me to make the arrangements but have any costs, bills etc sent to him and it would be dealt with via the usual custom of coming out of his estate or if there were insufficient funds then other avenues were open. I was told in no uncertain terms that I wasn't to pay any bills, it was no longer my responsibility. On that basis I organised the funeral. Funds in Jim's estate wasn't an issue as I had already, through various means boosted Jim's finances by calling in 'favours'. These were favours where Jim, typical of the man, had lent money to various people and not had it repaid plus the son, who had again crawled out the woodwork also owed several thousand pounds he took unlawfully from Joan's bank on her death. Needless to say the solicitor soon sorted that particular issue and the son needs to be grateful that he's not serving time for theft frankly.

After a discussion with Jim's sisters it was agreed I could stay on in the mobile home until such times as I could be re-housed and they even waived the rent. The mobile home itself was scheduled to be replaced as it had reached its 'use by' date. It was in poor condition with very dodgy electrics and no insulation. It was damp and black mould was evident in all rooms. The council environmental health officer had paid a visit and basically condemned it for human habitation so this ensured I was then made a priority on the housing list, coupled with my own health problems as well.

I was able to devote some time to my own health issues too. After seeing the cardiologist I was devastated to be told that there was no operation that would alleviate my condition. Too much damage had been done and the risks outweighed the benefits. The only time a by-pass would be considered would be if the stents already done became 'clogged' in the two main arteries. There were too many smaller arteries and veins either partially blocked or totally blocked that normal angioplasty procedures could be done as the internal diameters of said veins were too small. Medication was adjusted to reduce angina attacks and basically I was to forget going back to previous jobs and hobbies such as the mountaineering.

Me being me, decided to hell with that and went back to work anyway. Big mistake. The cardiologist was right after all. After less than a month I ended up back in hospital, hooked up to the usual machines having what was stable angina now being unstable, ie getting pain at rest with no exertion.

I finally got moved in February 2004 to a ground floor one bed flat. My brothers rallied round and did the bulk of the move for me. The sad part for me was moving out of the countryside into a city for what was only the second time in my life I'd lived in a city. First time was only for 12 months. I hated it then. Don't like it much now either.

There's more to come in relation to this move and how it nearly turned
into a total disaster.

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