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The rules for the game of Sabacc where first published in the supplement to the Star Wars roleplaying game, _Crisis on Cloud City_ published by West End Games. (It is out of print now, so I won't bother with publishing data.) This also came with a set of Sabacc cards that could be cut out and used to play the game.

There is a computer version of Sabacc that was written by David Sanborn. It was available for download at http://www.syr.edu/~dasanbor but he has long since left school and that website is no longer there.

Sabacc for windows also includes the full rules of Sabbac, and all the game variants. (Old Republic Rules, Rebel Alliance Rules, New Republic Rules, Imperial Rules, Cloud City Casino Rules, Mos Eisley Rules, Corellian Rules, Corporate Sector Rules, and Crseih Station Rules)

I would post the full rules here, but am unsure if that would violate copyright. I'm pretty sure it would....

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Flaming Moose

I know about the computer game...in fact, I have it somewhere on my hard drive. I created the rules in the article for common use with a standard deck of playing cards.

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Give Credit where Credit is due

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