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Smell - what smell?

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Though I have a generally acute sense of smell, when someone brought a Durian fruit back to the flat I was living in last year, even at close range I was unable to smell anything apart from a very faint aroma somewhat like slightly-off milk, even though everyone else was commenting on the stink.
The smell seemed to get a little more noticable as the fruit got over-ripe, but I still found it rather hard to distinguish from the background smell of a relatively clean refrigerator, even when taking in a good noseful of air from the bag the fruit was in.

I guess the aroma might be from one specific chemical, or a set of highly similar molecules that I just don't have the nasal receptors for. Would anyone know if that guess is correct?

Smell - what smell?

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I don't know about the chemicals, but I personally don't find the smell repulsive. My 7-year old daughter disagrees though.
Yes, it's strong but it's not like anything rotten. I can't really compare it to anything else - but it tastes like it smells, so if you hate the smell don't bother.
I love it; 'Mawn Tawng' is my favourite variety.

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