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Farrar Road Football Ground, Bangor, Wales, UK

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Farrar Road1, Bangor's footballing Mecca, is home to Bangor City Football Club. It was the scene of some magic moments, like Bobby Charlton's last game ever and the visit of Athletico Madrid, and is the place where all Bangor's devotees congregate to worship their heroes.

The ground's capacity is approximately 5,000, of which 350 are seated, and the team it hosts have proved themselves capable of challenging for the Welsh League Cup (finalists in 1999-2000), Welsh Cup and the League of Wales. Farrar Road lies about five minutes' walk from Bangor's mainline railway station and does a mean line in pies2.

At the time of writing, match day programmes cost £1, and entry to all League of Wales matches is £4. The main traditional rivals of Bangor are near neighbours Caernarfon ('Cofi') and Conwy ('The Misfits'), as well as the traditional antagonism between North and South Wales which generates particular friction with Barry 'think they are Manchester United' Town.

After the game you can rush across the road to The Harp, buy a pint, and all crowd into the tiny little room next to the bar that has a TV in it, so that you can watch Final Score. The beer's not too great in there, but it's the nearest pub to the ground.

Go down for a very enjoyable afternoon's entertainment if you like your football fast, furious and 'grass roots'. The skill factor may only rate seven out of ten, but the fun factor rates at least a nine. See you at Ffordd Farrar.

1In Welsh, Ffordd Farrar.2Try the chicken and vegetable, fantastic value.

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