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Air Attack - the Computer Game

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Have you ever played a flight simulator? Pretty cool, huh? You fly a couple of planes, maybe even get into a dogfight.

Have you ever played a flight sim that allowed you to do battle against hundreds of human players, simultaneously?

Didn't think so.

Air Attack is a WWII multiplayer game that puts you in the skies above war-beleaguered Europe. You're flying a Mustang or a Focke Wulf or any one of the eight aircraft at your disposal and you're in the air with hundreds of players at the same time. No other flight game gives you the heat and confusion of air warfare like this.

Players can choose their loyalties from one of four nationalities (British, American, German and Russian) with each air force also offering a choice of two aircraft.

Whichever plane or country is chosen, the object is the same to shoot down as many opposing aircraft as possible and move up through the ranks to attain the coveted rank of 'Air Marshall'.

Air Attack can be played either solo, or as part of a team fighting other teams. There are over 30 established Squadrons, such as the Vultures Squadron, who take part in various leagues and competitions.

The game is currently only available for play in the UK on a private dial-up network called Wireplay, but is soon to be made available to everyone on the Internet.

This game is probably one of the best methods of wasting your time you will ever come across, so if you have too much spare time on your hands, give it a go. You may even enjoy it.

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