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the trouble with physics

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The Old Toenail

Quantum physics, like psycology, is an art-craft pretending to be science. for that matter, physics is theororetical math pretending to be science. in both cases, you have partial observations, mixed with guesses being treated as proveable fact.

True science asumes nothing except that paterns exist and can be discovered. It usualy dose not result in proveable fact without a lot of testing. If it cannot be tested, in a repeatable pattern, it is not science. It may or may not be still valid however.

the trouble with physics

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Jim diGriz

I don't agree with this at all.

Quantum physics is, in fact, the *most* tested and most successful branch of physics that mankind has ever come up with. Unlike most other theories, there are *no* known physical exceptions that 'don't quite fit'.

The entire modern electronics industry is continually testing and re-testing the theory.

Unlike psychology, quantum physics is a purely quantitative theory; you can ask it questions, and it will give you precise answers.

Sure, there's lots that we don't understand about it. For example, what is the physical significance of the wavefunction and quantum decoherence?

Please note, I'm not saying that quantum physics is the 'final' theory. It tells us very little about the actual things that we find in the world; it just tells us something about how those things behave given that they already exist.

There are newer theories that embrace quantum physics while trying to explain the actual features of the universe. For example, Quantum Electro-Dynamics (QED), Quantum Chromo-Dynamics (QCD), and more recently, string theory.

These newest theories are still at the speculative stage (particularly string thory).

the trouble with physics

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Researcher 187792

The cartesian viewpoint is "I think, therefore,I am"

which I think he got by deducing that the only thing you can be certain of is your own concious experience

This means that nothing is provable beyond >>> does it seem to meet the requirements of the model in its use against our perception of it (Quantum physics does - we have transistors don't we!)

sorry abut my spelling!

the trouble with physics

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never mind free will, my solicitor charged me £117.50 for mine. And he had the cheek to suggest I put a little something in for him...

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