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A few of my own...

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One of the curses of working in IT in general and in web design in particuar is the HUGE number of TLA's in general use. (TLA being an acronym for "three letter acronym", and is itself a three letter acronym, which pointless recursivenss appeals to something deeply subversive in my soul...)

However, you know you've got it bad when you start to think up your own TLA's, and here's some of mine: (apologies in advance for the preponderence of swearing implied in these....)

JFDI - just f****n' DO IT! Used when someone is messing about and not actually DOING what you've asked them to - you know, a typical contractor.....

LNFA - let's NOT f**k about: - let's get on with in a totally un-half-hearted fashion.

IGDOID - I've gotta dance or I'll die - used in the nightclub when the effects of the on-the-way-there pubcrawl finally kick in, and they put your favourite dancing tune of all time on - bawled into the ear of your nearest mate before disappearing onto the dance floor for a good half hour bop.

TTJASIUYA - take this job and shove it up your a*s - typically used when a better job has dropped into your lap and you are finally able to say in no uncertain terms what you think about your soon to be ex-employers. NOT a TLA it is possible to recover from....

A few of my own...

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Calculator Nerd 256

don't forget >8^B
smiley - geek

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