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Listening to "The complete lost Tapes"

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This evening, I've been downloading music of John Lennon. Bootlegs,
live versions, trials, etc. etc. ("The complete lost tapes of John Lennon").
Normally I'm not such a "rare-hunter". Too much cult to me.

But this summer evening, listening to known and unknown music by Lennon really lifts my spirit and moves me.

His (Brittish) sense of humor, his political engagement("luck of the Irish"), creativity, vulnerability ("Mother"), sensitivity ("Dear Prudence") and social awareness ("Imagine"), I find impressing.

Of course he could be nasty, irritating, etc. etc. Especially with Ono at his side.

Doesn't matter.

A great composer, performer, artist.

A great man.

A great friend within the human family.

I love the man and his music.

Greatings from Amsterdam

Listening to "The complete lost Tapes"

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Oh, I am VERY grateful for your feedback about deleting Journals,
although I realise, that my efforts to make it all readable just have had the opposite effect; a chaos of many, many repeated Journals.

Sometimes I rewrote a Journal = autobiographic story a few times and then later on I decided to change the order of the Journals.

Now, this means that there has grown a mountain of repeated Journals, without realising it.

A real mess, and that, while I also put much effort in visual readabillity.

At least I do now how it all works and I can refer to that situation in my own entry.

Thanks a lot for telling me!

And maybe I'll start all over with registration and my own, new entry and copy the Journals....

BBC documentary about John Lennon's "Imagine".

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P.S. The second posting here - above - by me was an accident.
My apology.


Today, saturday sept. 20th, 2003.

I read, there was a documentary by the BBC at 2, about John Lennon's famous and beautiful "Imagine".
The ninety (90) minutes had made me already suspicious.
And yes, it was what I feared.

Besides the still everlasting irritating Ono, the very professional documentary showed รกnd confirmed the John Lennon cult; his personality, his singing, his thinking, his hippie behaviour, his this and that.

The warm lava of Lennon's inspiring song had been made to a statue of stone, which is - and should be?- worshipped all over the globe.

The Beatles have always been a cult-group, although that word wasn't used in those days. And that cult went on with Lennon.

I do realize, I am deeply inspired by the music of the Beatles and John Lennon.

But I left all that (mania)history behind, and let inspiration find its very own way in my very own life.
Far away from any cult, that always suffucates life.

That Beatles' and Lennon cult has done a lot of damage. Not the least to the Beatles themselves. Harrison clearly suffered from it, by example. The whole soulmusic was almost pushed aside by it.

Imagine, the whole world filled with John Lennon clones. A very uninspiring picture. It wouldn't be Lennon's goal either, I believe.

Not mine, anyway.

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Listening to "The complete lost Tapes"

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