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Crayfish Disc

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Crayfish disc is a Swedish excuse for drinking a lot of vodka. Wearing silly small paper-hats and bibs, people are seated round tables outdoors where paper moons and various lanterns have been hung in the trees. The festival takes place in August.

For this particular feast, the smaller lake and river crayfish are prepared and eaten, but sea crayfish will also do. They are boiled with dill and once cooked they go a shiny red colour.

There are special tools made for eating crayfish, like the claw cracker. A loud sucking noise can be heard when the juice in the claws and heads are sucked out. For every claw consumed at least one small glass of vodka ought to be slugged, but before drinking each measure you have to sing. There are a lot of short cheerful songs that are sung for the occasion, which are all, unsurprisingly, about alcohol.

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