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South Marston, Wiltshire, UK

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South Marston is a small and unheard of village in Wiltshire without any claim to fame. It resides to the northeast of Swindon.

South Marston is much like any other small village, with little old ladies bumbling around gossiping about all the other little old ladies, who themselves are gossiping about all the other little old ladies... you get the general idea.

What to See

There is one small shop in South Marston. This goes by the highly original and imaginative name of 'South Marston Village Shop'. It includes almost everything that everybody wants, and several things that nobody wants, and some things that everybody should want but doesn't, such as electric toothbrushes.

Somehow or other, a children's playing area found its way to South Marston, along with a football pitch. The game that is played there bears an uncanny resemblance to football, but nevertheless has an important difference - the players are nice to each other.

If you should ever be in the vicinity of South Marston, just remember one thing - look out for the speed bumps, they're deadly!

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