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Calvinball as a religous celebration...

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Erincelt (or NotBob, whichever is easier)

I shan't belabour the point with pages upon pages of typical redundant rabble and self-promotion. I'm just feeling lazy, that's all. But the point is simple, the Church of MOO -- and no, I'm not makin this up -- promotes Calvinball and a couple other equally pointless pastimes as a part of its followers' regiment. Weirdos.


Please don't blame me for it, its really not my fault. Well okay so it is my fault that it made it onto the web.. but can you hardly blame me for something done during a particularly long and uneventfully boring (redundant!) night? Oh yes, that's right, I'd totally forgotten.. Well then I apologize, but I can hardly be accounted for you taking the time to actually visit the site and read that rubbish. You should be most thoroughly ashamed of yourself. And now thanks to you my tea has gotten cold. I am very put off. Good day.

Calvinball as a religous celebration...

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Martin Harper

church of moo?

Actually, I rather like their version of the game - sounds fun smiley - smiley

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