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Loch Ness Monster...Porpoise?

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Here's one that I've not seen here so far...although there are some monster pike to be found in the loch, some of which are legend in themselves...porpoises! Porpoises have been known to swim up the River Ness and into the loch after food, ie trout. Now I'm not going to say that the monster is really three well synchronised sea mammals swimming in formation but then again why is it always humps that are sighted? Okay, the neck and head...never mind!
Now then, what about these porpoises when they are feeding, could a shoal be mistaken for one large creature? Perhaps, they have a hunting technique where they circle the shoal of fish, driving them into a tight pack, then attacking from the bottom up which could be mistaken for a monster's neck and head if seen at twighlight and just glimpsed from a distance, with no time to fetch a camera but then again Nessie MUST be there...there's just too much for the Highland Tourist Board to lose if not! Long live Nessie!

Loch Ness Monster...Porpoise?

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Rojo Habe (48-1+2-7)

I'm not falling for that one. Everyone knows porpoises don't exist.

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