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Please - some accuracy about Loch Ness!

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One of the Deepscan contacts was at 192 metres
The article says only six images stand the test of time, but does not say which six. Does anyone know? The writer's email no longer exists.
The article says, "The pictures taken from the 1987 expedition may look impressive but questions have been raised about the high level of computer enhancement." It actually means 1972. Also regarding this, there is no problem with the computer enhancement process. The problem with these pictures is that they have been retouched after being enhanced, in other words, faked. Interested parties should visit this page: http://www.loch-ness.org/sections/themystery/evidencepages/sonar.html#academy , and VERY IMPORTANTLY this page in THAT ORDER to discover what actually took place: http://www.loch-ness.org/sections/themystery/evidencepages/underwaterpictures.html. Is there any way to get this article replaced?
It mentions that the sturgeon grows to 20 feet, six metres. In fact the World Record sturgeon was 27 feet, 8.3 metres and over 240 years old see: http://www.loch-ness.org/sections/themystery/evidencepages/candidates.html#fish.
Please note that the links above may be split. Be sure to use the full link to find the appropriate page. I also think a bookmark of http://www.Loch-Ness.org would be very valuable to readers of this page.


Please - some accuracy about Loch Ness!

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TRiG (Ireland) A dog, so bade in office

Thanks, DLN.

I've inserted a footnote about the size of sturgeon, with a link to the page you mention. I've also added a bookmark, as you suggest, to the Loch Ness site. See the sidebar of the Entry.

I need to do a bit more research on the other matters. You seem to be right about the 19752 pictures, but as the Entry does not currently mention the 1972 expidition at all, I'll need to do a bit of rewriting.

Google cannot find me full information from the Deepscan expidition, such as a list of contacts and their depths. I'm inclined to believe you, but I'm leaving the Entry as it is for now.

And I have no idea which six images the author was talking about.

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Please - some accuracy about Loch Ness!

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TRiG (Ireland) A dog, so bade in office

19752smiley - huh

I have no idea where that 5 came from.

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