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Nessie as a fish

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Geoff The Unbeliever

In your thorough and interesting entry on Nessie you mention the sturgeon theory, but then say that no bodies have turned up. This is simply not true! I forget the exact names and dates, I'll try to get them for you or you can look them up in "Cryptozoology A to Z" a fine book. Anyway, a housewife thought she saw Nessie or some other "great beast" in the lock and she opened fire with her gun. A few days later the body of a large sturgeon washed up on shore with... bullet wounds of the same caliber that was fired by the woman. Once again sorry about the sketchy details, I'll try to get you the rest of the information in the next couple of days.

Geoff The Unbeliever
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Nessie as a fish

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TRiG (Ireland) A dog, so bade in office

Housewives with guns? Now *that's* scary!

Why did she want to shoot the thing, anyway?

Did you find the details, afterward, Geoff?

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