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Researcher 177054

I believe she is there just look at what the japanese fishing boat hauled up. A baby nessie. Sad but true. It was dead when they caught it (thank heaven) I don't think that anyone should speculate what nessie happens to be. We should just enjoy her for what she is and not bring any harm upon her for the sake of cuiosity and science. Let her be!



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Lady of the Lake {A friend to all, a lover of none}

I agree with you.

I have read alot about the myths of nessie and believe that whatever is there should be left alone, it was here before us and if its found then the myth will die. Is this what we want?...I doubt it.


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What about the new geological theory about a fault zone creating bubbles to rise to the surface which may explain the ripples, i don't think it's so myself but i have to consider it being a geologist!


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i doubt that nessie would survive if it was proved that she existed. and going to the loch would be like a visit to the zoo, to stare at another 'caged' animal. it would lose the thrill of knowing that you might see the loch ness monster. of course this is all assuming that she does exist. who knows, it may be a he! i would like to know more about the 'baby nessie' is there a website?


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Nessie is The Lady Of The Lake, & possibly the guardian of Castle Loch Ness where several sightings of her persists. She is not to be feared or harmed. Anyone bad-talking about Nessie will answer to ME & QUEEN PRIDETH!!smiley - star

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