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XXXenophile1 is a surprisingly good comic book series about sex, created by North American native, Phil Foglio.

The series is a collection of short stories, usually dealing with fantasy or science-fiction themes. The stories occasionally have a plot and normally have a humorous ending. The material therein has included heterosexual sex, homosexual sex of both kinds, sex with one's own clone or an extra-dimensional counterpart, sex with demons, sex with fairies, sex with gods, sex with robots, sex with hermaphrodites, sex with aliens, and any combination of the aformentioned subjects.

At the time of writing, 11 volumes of this work had been produced in small, relatively inexpensive pamphlets. However, for some reason the creator frowns upon the pamphlet format, and has discontinued reprinting these volumes in favour of five somewhat thicker and more expensive square, bound paperback books. This has made the smaller volumes more difficult to come by, particularly by those who have half of them already and who aren't happy about paying for naughty pictures they already own.

1A xenophile is someone who is drawn to foreign people, their customs and manners.

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