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Abriachan, Inverness-shire, Scotland

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Abriachan is a very small, quiet village between Inverness and Drumnadrochit, situated in a hanging valley high in the hills above Loch Ness. The name 'Abriachan' is Gaelic and means 'the place where the deer comes to drink', or 'the brown hills where the burns meet', depending on who you ask.

Abriachan's hillsides are covered with old ruins which are now abandoned. In fact, more families from Abriachan lost people in The Great War than actually reside there today.

The greatest tourist attraction of the area was a complex of caves with incredible stalagmites and stalactites. Unfortunately, the caves were destroyed to make way for the road up from Loch Ness. However, if you visit in the winter months and there is snow on the ground, and you manage to make it up the hill, there is a small road off to the right, just after the main road goes down for the first time, across a small bridge. Follow the road across a second precarious bridge and you'll discover a track to the right. Head down it, past the house with the conservatory, through the gate, past a long house that stands on its own, and there you will find a great sledging spot!

Other good places to visit in Abriachan include Red Rock, Loch Laide (pronounced latch - which is supposed to be a kelpie1pool), Loch na Cullin (good trout fishing) and the old cart route over to Inverness.

1A kelpie is a malevolent water spirit of Scottish legend, horse-shaped, and said to predict with strange noises the drowning of people.

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