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Robotron, formerly known as Robyn Graves and before that, GreyRose

The only time I have ever see a beaver in the wild was really strange, as it was standing in the middle of the street. It was raining (and I thought I could use that to explain why it was there, but realized that I couldn't after all).

I was with my mother, and she told me that I should go get it. We had some cardboard boxes in the back of the van and she said I could put it in one of those.

This beaver was at least two and a half feet tall! I told my mother she was out of her mind if she thought I was going to risk getting my hand bitten off, or my legs broken, she had another think coming. She called me a wuss and said "Josh James would do it". (JJ is like my brother.) I told her that is because he is not very bright (which he isn't) and did she really want her only (real) child injured just for a stupid beaver?

Of course I didn't go get it, but maybe I should have. Almost every person I tell this story to, doesn't believe me. I don't know if anyone here will believe me either, but I don't care, because I know it is true.

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