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When I was a small child, I once told my friends Sunday school teacher that I was an atheist. She called me a Godless Heathen. I liked it so much that Godless Heathen has been my answer to all questions regarding my religion ever since.
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Lear (the Unready)

I'm lucky. No one ever packed me off to Sunday School when I was younger. So I'm happy just to be a harmless agnostic...

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Oh, I only went with my friend the one time. After that they wouldn't let me back. I don't think all the questions about satan that I asked helped. (how do you know satan didn't win, and it's god down in the pit? for example)

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Seven Crocodile Rain

I grew up in Communist Russia, we had no religion. So when I moved here I still had no religion to fallow. As a matter of fact I never even heard of Christianity until I was 7. So you would call me an atheist. It really sets me aside from the rest of the school. I really get a good look form the sideline at how kids celebrate there Christianity. They really don't at all. Almost all the people I have talking about it with are only going to church because they think it is a free ride to heaven. Sad sad world. I really hope that Christianity is not "the one" that means Ghondi and every other good person is going to hell. Uncool

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Blatherskite the Mugwump - Bandwidth Bandit

Mark Twain has an excellent quote about the type of person who you can find in Heaven:

"When I reflect upon the number of disagreeable people who I know have gone to a better world, I am moved to lead a different life."

If you like this article, you can find more of this sort of thing at the Freedom From Faith Foundation: http://www.h2g2.com/a254314

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Just a quick post to say that I've quoted Buff's first post above in an updated version of this Entry - I hope that's ok, but I'll probably never know as Buff has dissapeared.

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I am somewhere between an atheist and an agnostic, and although I would prefer to belive that there is a life after a death, but whatever subject you touch like evolution, human brain, the cosmology etc. I just can't belive in some kind of after life. But anyway we all will die one day and than we wiil see what will happen. Anyway the idea of endless sleep and laziness isn't actually so bad (it's always better than the hell or having eaten your stomach and guts by predator bird every day and again and again...).smiley - winkeye

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Having a predatory bird nibble on your offal after you're dead? I reckon Bill Oddie would be quite happy with Prometheus's afterlife, although he might lambast Heracles for shooting a protected species when he turned up.

My bugbear with the religious (rather than religion) is their opinion that I "need" their religion in some way, as though I cannot possibly function properly without it, and the condescending attitude that, if I'm not a member of that particular gang, I have to be saved. Or killed. Or saved by being killed.

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