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Regarding your crucifix comment

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" It also has the crucifix1, which one would think would be rather off-putting, but this is Christianity's most successful icon - logic often fails to explain the actions of its adherents. "

The attraction of the symbol is only there for people who believe that Jesus died for everyone's sins. It would be pretty silly to glorify him dying painfully.

So basically, don't bash what you don't understand smiley - smiley

Regarding your crucifix comment

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Blatherskite the Mugwump - Bandwidth Bandit

It does glorify him dying painfully. And you're right... it is pretty silly.

Hot Cross Buns

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What's not to understand? Christians believe they can avoid personal responsibility for their actions by clinging to the idea that the brutal murder of a cult leader two thousand years ago balances the scales of galactic justice. They symbolize this monstrosity with the image of a corpse on a stick, often worn round the neck.

I wonder what the modern jewelry industry would be like if Jesus had choked to death on a donut. Krispy Kreme would be church. mmmm... yummy.

Regarding your crucifix comment

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its odd that every symbolizes the cross and stuff cause jesus died on one. the romans used that way of death for awhile, its not that special if you think about it. whats really funny is how the japanese took to the missionarys back in the 1400-1700's. they told the japs about how jesus died for you on a cross, so when the japs got fd up with the bullshit they crucified any christian that set foot on japan and used it as there capital punishment for awhile

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